Paradise Cambodia-style

We arrived on Krabey Island and were whisked away by our smiling host, Frankie to our stunning villa nestled in tropical greenery, the sounds of birdsong breaking through the jungle, overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. And that was just the beginning!

The villa was my idea of perfect architecture, contemporary open plan design with sliding glass walls, tropical wood furniture, glorious crisp white linens, layers of automatic window shades, colonial mosquito netting and a clever multi-purpose use of space. Sliding doors hid one aspect and opened another. The sliding glass walls in the bathroom suddenly meant you were bathing outdoors while the indoor shower slid back to reveal an outdoor shower. All with complete privacy.

If I could have a modern house with sliding glass, this would be it. The only thing missing (did I mention there was a private pool?) was a kitchen, but who needs that when there’s a stunning restaurant with sunset views over the sea?


Our concierge was on demand with golf buggy collection and so we enjoyed a late lunch and a couple of hours by the pool before joining our host for a sunset cocktail.

Not a mosquito in sight
Open bathroom
Main infinity pool
Private pool
Private pool view from lounger

What a delightful experience. Sipping a cocktail or mocktail of choice while watching the glowing sun plunge into the horizon beyond and then to enjoy a delicious dinner on the terrace with sea views. Now that is my idea of backpacking through South East Asia!

Meditation pod

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