Phu Quoc day two

We started the next day with an enormous buffet breakfast the size of which challenged the “All you can eat” Las Vegas buffet of the 90s. I haven’t been back since so have no idea if these things still exist.

Family pool at Regent Phu Quoc

Everything from fruit and yogurt to eggs any way, full western breakfasts, Vietnamese options, pho bowls, cold cuts, cheese, French bakery, the lot.

After many years I’ve managed to improve my buffet panic and rather than piling copious amounts of food on to one plate, I’ve become more strategic, only eating what I need and what I fancy.

I’ve enjoyed more fruit, especially mango, pineapple and coconut while we’ve been away, the best thing being a coconut pannecotta closely followed by a coconut sorbet. Cambodian mango easily wins over Vietnamese but I had the best coconut I’ve ever had in Hoian and Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls were delicious.

Following the buffet breakfast we enjoyed a complimentary massage. We’ve had three massages since being away, all different intensities and with different intentions. The first in Phnom Penh was very welcome with jet lag and super relaxing, the second at the Six Senses was intense with deep tissue pressure on the arches of my feet, quite painful and the third, somewhere in between and again more arch pressure which must mean something in reflexology.

Beach Phu Quoc

After three massages we’re feeling pretty relaxed and many toxins must have been released. Big T also had a wellness consultation as part of the treatment. We may embark on a yogi cleanse.

Our day continued with an afternoon sail on the Regent catamaran where we sat back and enjoyed a two hour cruise along the coast of Phu Quoc culminating in a view of an enormous Italian-inspired development called Sunset Town (horrific by our standards) with the largest chair lift in Asia followed by sunset with champagne and canapés.

Sou’wester and oilskin with Asia’s largest chair lift in the background

It’s hard to comment on tourism as we’ve stayed in some luxury resorts and obviously you can’t have rules for some.

Development is rife along the coastal regions because (pre covid) the Chinese demand brought money and building to both Cambodia and Vietnam and once China reopens, these developments will be packed. For now we’re able to see a relatively unspoiled part of the world with very little tourism but I suspect it’s just a matter of time.

We ended our day with a casual meal of noodles and fried rice before repacking my backpack (again).

Another journey ahead.

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