One night in Ho Chi Minh City

What a crazy day. After being denied entry on to our next flight to Cambodia, we bought flights to Ho Chi Minh and submitted an online application for an emergency travel document whilst in transit.

We took passport photos in the airport and uploaded the most hideous picture which I hoped wasn’t my passport photo for the next ten years.

I paid £100 and when we arrived in Ho Chi Minh had to retake even more hideous photos and submit proof of ongoing travel.

We got to our emergency hotel and rang the British Consulate who said my application was processing and as they normally took two days, we set off into the city to try and make the most of things, all the time keeping a watchful eye on email for any updates.

At 5pm a notification came through that my travel document was approved and could be collected by appointment. I checked for the next available time on the system and hurrah, 10am in the morning was free!

And so now we’re about to set off to the consulate to hopefully get things back on track.

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