And so…the fun continues

And so to 1:30pm where I was perched on a small stool waiting with a crowd of people for the office to open after lunch.

Waiting for immigration to reopen…
gentlemen, start your engines.

I was in the area for collection of foreigner’s documents so was cautiously optimistic that I was in the right place.

By 2:30pm I had an Emergency Travel Document and Exit Visa in hand and we were on route to the airport. Hurrah, but let’s be honest, we’d been there before.

We missed our 3:45pm flight to Phnom Penh but it had done the job of getting me the exit visa. We bought new flights (we have spent so much money, ouch!) for a flight leaving at 6:30pm only to then discover the flight was delayed until 10:40pm.

But all was ok with Vietnam immigration as I was stamped through and given a boarding pass. We’re off to Cambodia (again) if we ever get out of Ho Chi Minh City Airport!

A hard earned extra large beer

This has certainly been an exercise in How Not to travel through South East Asia!

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