The Original Bamboo Train

In the morning we set off to find the bamboo train. We had heard there were recent imitations packed with tourists but we were directed to the original bamboo train so off we went by tuk tuk to find it.

As we arrived we saw a small group of people standing by a single railway track. As our tuk tuk pulled up they all roared with laughter. The latest mugs had arrived and it seemed we were in the right place!

Assembling the train

The train “carriage” was assembled as we waited. Two axles, a bamboo platform and a small motor and with a couple of cushions for seating, we were ready to go.

Off we went trundling along the little track with rice paddys, local dogs and children flying kites, the smell of diesel filling our nostrils as we enjoyed our ride.

We couldn’t go very far as there was a new busy road which wasn’t safe to cross (on a bamboo platform) and so we stopped, the driver turned the engine around and switched the fan belt to the other side and off we went, trundling back the other way.

It was a fun journey and we were glad to have ridden the original bamboo train by ourselves. Not a tourist in sight (with the exception of these two mugs!)

All aboard!

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