From tapas to schnitzel

This week it’s Germany for a quick overnight. Düsseldorf and Essen and home again.

After Spanish week last week where time operated on a different spectrum, meetings started and finished when they liked and I still don’t understand Barcelona, it was nice to see an orderly queue and depart almost on time. We, as a nation, are certainly more Northern than Southern European.

Arriving in Essen, we discovered a men’s club/bar/restaurant and ordered a dinner surprise.

The menu was in German and the waitress didn’t speak much English, we spoke no German and so a large schnitzel covered in curry sauce with slices of sausage, fries and a salad arrived. It was massive!

I didn’t make it through the schnitzel as it was the size of my shoe but the sausage wasn’t bad which came as a huge surprise as I’m very wary of miscellaneous meat. If I’d been hungover, it would have been an epic cure!

And so to bed where my stomach may regret the meal but so far so good in Germany.

I wonder what’s for breakfast!

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