In 2012 I decided to leave Los Angeles after almost twenty years and return to the country of my birth. I hadn’t lived in England since I was thirteen having lived in both Australia and the US so it was coming home to a brand new life.

I was single, homeless, jobless and forty two. Seemed like a good idea!

Within a few days I had found a place to live. Within a few months I had met a man I was going to marry and by the end of the first year I had found a new job. From there it was easy… buying and renovating a flat, buying a house in the South of France, getting a puppy, not training the puppy and doing lots of other stuff.

And so, amazingly this blog has been with me every step of the way. From taking the great leap of faith in 2012 to now when suddenly it’s six years later.

The adventures and the blog continue…

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