After a bit of back and forth and worrying about being diddled on eBay, my new old chair finally arrived at work.

It’s definitely ready for a makeover and after sitting on it, new springs!

Tonight is my first upholstery class. I’m hoping I’ll be good at it and can bring this lovely chair back to life!

Screaming Vixens

With February comes the mating season of the many urban foxes around our neighbourhood and sure enough, the vixens are screaming as we try to go to sleep tonight.

Either that or it’s our next door neighbour complaining about the hall carpet!

The joys of flat living!


Two and a half noisy, dusty and stressful weeks later complete with numerous complaints from our next door neighbour, we have actually finished (except for skirting boards) the floors!

It’s quite strange really, it’s like they’ve always been here, mainly because it’s how they should have looked.

We’re delighted!

And so to my favourite pastime, looking back at the original photos. Hard to tell the difference!

A new hobby

With the end of the renovation actually starting to materialise and spring not far off,it’s time to start a new hobby and so I have signed up for an upholstery course.

It’s very expensive to get things upholstered and if I’m any good at it, this skill will open up all sorts of projects both here and in France where there are many derelict chairs just waiting to be brought back to life.

I am now scouring EBay for my first projects and seem to have bought a chair in Manchester for £10.50. Bargain!

I just need to get it to London and l’m all set for February 5th!

Four more washes

By my estimation I have four more washes at the laundrette before we have a washing machine installed. Hang out the bunting!

The kitchen is all paid for and the installation is scheduled so what could possibly go wrong… bahahahah!

Between service washes, dry cleaning and self service, we have spent much more than the cost of the washing machine and, given the joy of lumping large bags down the road on Sunday mornings when things are quiet, I have to say, I won’t miss it.

I have appreciated the time spent watching the clothes tumble around in the dirty brown water as I spend a few minutes writing or thinking. It’s quite conducive to mediation and not a bad way to spend half an hour.

Perhaps I shall watch the washing in our new kitchen but somehow I think not as there will be better things to do!

Dust to dust

Plaster dust to sawdust, it’s been another noisy, dusty week so much so that Big T has defected to Düsseldorf for the weekend.

We have two rooms to go so it’s another fun game of musical rooms, at this point we’re playing hunt the kitchen as we’ve moved it so many times we forgotten where we’ve put it!

Anyway, here’s where we are this week…

Getting groomed

Saturday morning and Agnes and I set off on an adventure to Chiswick.

One of us was getting groomed and the other one was spending the morning wandering the streets. Let’s just say, I wasn’t getting my hair done.

Living in a building site hasn’t done any of us any favours and Agnes was in a fairly disgraceful state.

Fur dirty and matted, eyes hidden under layers and of no distinguishable breed (I could be describing myself).

To add insult to injury, Agnes had spent the day out on Friday and had managed to get a very dirty bottom. I apologised profusely as I dropped her off, we certainly weren’t Crufts-bound.

I set off to explore Chiswick for three hours on a rather grey and cold Saturday morning when I could have been moving furniture. Both options ranked as less than glamorous but I ended up at Chiswick House and Gardens and passed the time quite enjoyably.

I’m sure it will be lovely in the summer!

And three hours later, one of us looked rather fabulous (and one of us didn’t!)