One man’s crap…

After lunch we headed off in search of brocante and saw a sign to a vides-grenier which is basically a car boot sale near Antibes ( At first it looked like the same old clothes, chipped pottery and old shoes but suddenly Letad spotted a stall selling furniture and there, lurking in the background were some lovely big mirrors.

One thing the French do well are big gilt mirrors and we’d been keeping an eye open while perusing the piles of less desirable crap.

And so, as luck would have it, the prices were good and we really felt we got a bargain… 25 euros for a massive mirror which will fit nicely in the soon-to-be-finished kitchen/living/dining room. And of course, there was another big mirror which could be painted, so we bought that too.

Hmm, a convertible Mini can be useful

Wandering on, we came across a lovely big bottle of green glass. Used for storing wine, there are a lot of these around but this one was particularly nice and as I have an ongoing passion for glass, it was impossible not to buy it (a mere 18 euros) but given it’s enormous size, it certainly won’t be fitting in my suitcase so is destined to live in my French home.

The big green bottle

We drove home carefully with two enormous mirrors threatening to decapitate us at any minute, luckily no damage was done and we all made it home in one piece.

Threatening death

And then I washed the enormous and very fabulous glass ball in the bath which was quite a challenge in itself but job done, it looked amazing. 

Shown at actual size

Bargain shopping!

Brunch et Brocante

Sunday and what a good idea to head off for lunch along the Bord de Mer between Juan Les Pins and Antibes. The French don’t seem to do brunch (quoi?) and so strangely in the country of omelettes, I’ve struggled to find eggs.

As the kitchen is currently an empty shell, we made do with a bowl of muesli and headed off in search of something more delicious. Letad had a place in mind, Royal Beach, a restaurant on a private beach on Cap d’Antibes which looked lovely but sadly wasn’t open (such a tease) and so instead we crossed over the road and went to their other restaurant, Cafe Royal.

Royal Beach
Sadly not open

We sat at a lovely outdoor table, the weather slightly cooler and with a view of the azure blue for which the coast is named, we ordered the antipasto to share. 

Outdoor deck, Cafe Royal

Four bowls of deliciousness arrived, potatoes with artichoke and parmesan; roasted red and yellow peppers; prosciutto and balsamic pickled onions (yum) and tomato with fresh buffalo mozzarella. We followed it with a shared bowl of gnocchi with smoked salmon and washed the whole lot down with a crisp, cool glass of pinot grigio.

The bar, Cafe Royal

And then we set off in search of brocante which is really another name for second hand crap!