Halloween in France

With Halloween rapidly approaching, window displays are changing and suddenly the patisseries are looking very orange. 
Halloween window, Cannes

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Halloween as I particularly dislike dressing up however as I’m not in the States, the pressure is off and apparently Halloween in Valbonne is a special night and something to look forward to.

Toadstools and pumpkins
Still French deliciousness
As it’s now quite cold in the South of France, it promises to be a chilly evening out in the square. Despite now embarking on the pre-Christmas diet, there might need to be a necessary hot chocolate to keep the chill away.

Cans in Cannes

As it’s now too expensive to fly back to London due to the school holidays, I’m still suffering in the South of France! 

Job interviews continue and with two phone calls scheduled with New York, hurricane-permitting, I’m keeping myself busy by continuing the ever-lasting kitchen installation, the third trip to IKEA as we keep discovering that we’re missing essential parts and have more cupboard doors than we need (must learn French) and then there are the sardine shops.

Sardines galore

As a packaging designer, I am a sucker for a nice label and definitely judge a book by its cover. Spending Saturday afternoon shopping in Cannes, the discovery of a sardine shop with shelves and shelves of beautifully packaged sardines inspired me with the bright colours and bold graphics. 

Sardine salad?
Stacks of sardines
Box ‘o Sardines 
One of my favourites

With lovely gift sets of sardines for everyone, that’s Christmas sorted!