Driving Miss Daisy

After hoofing it back and forth on the tube for the past two weeks, catching germs, the extreme cold of death and feeling like a drone, I have discovered a miracle… the free company shuttle bus!

It turns out there is a company shuttle bus which runs between the two buildings of the company I now work for. And as luck would have it, it’s quite near the little flat in Chalk Farm. 

It’s a ten minute walk so shoes have to be taken into consideration but it’s free, it’s comfortable, I can get a seat and it doesn’t involve shoving anyone. It runs every half an hour from 9am to 7pm. How perfect is that?

And so last night I sat back in comfort and was chauffeur-driven almost home. Bliss.

If I plan my days right I can be driven to and from work. It’s almost like having a personal driver and could save me almost £30 a week in tube fare. 

The most exciting part? No germs!

The Cold War

After suffering with the cold of extreme death for the past week, Letad and I have started the cold war. 

I seem to have recovered slightly although am left with a moderately annoying barking cough. I say moderately annoying as Letad has been moderately annoyed by being kept awake at night listening to me bark while I seem able to cough in my sleep. 

This week I’m feeling a million times better and think I may live however we’ll wait and see if Letad passes the cold of extreme death back to me over the Christmas holidays.

Cough cough!