Three days in New York

I flew out of London on Monday morning and arrived into a cold, sleety New York on Monday afternoon.

I couldn’t understand what the taxi driver said…

And so I replied, “I’m terribly sorry, I don’t know what that is.”
It turned out he’d asked if I was paying cash. What a difference a year makes. My ear has become used to hearing English accents again. 
I made it to my hotel. Times Square, garish, brash and loud greeted me. 
It was cold, the rain was freezing, the traffic was appalling and everything seemed so dirty, so noisy. 
I dropped my luggage and took a cab to Whole Foods.
At Whole Foods (not as good as Venice) I did a quick stock up of high maintenance essentials like gluten free cereal and royal jelly and after gobbling down some avocado and cucumber sushi (which I really enjoyed) I was in a taxi heading to Saks Fifth Avenue. 
I didn’t buy anything in Saks, I wandered around slightly disorientated and confused  but then I spotted a Banana Republic across the road where I found a selection of long sleeved t-shirts in my size for $12 each. Oh the bliss of cheap clothes. I’d forgotten how good it feels. 
From there it was over to a pharmacy to buy a few basics like toothpaste and toothbrushes. It’s not that I can’t buy them in London, it’s just that I know what I like and I’m paranoid about my teeth being at the mercy of English dentists after so long in LA.
And that was the extent of my fun. From there it was off to bed as the next three days were back-to-back meetings, dozens of people, putting faces to names, daunting to some but overall I felt things went very well.  
By the end of the third day I collapsed into the back of a car service to drive to JFK. I was exhausted, shell shocked and felt I’d barely made it out alive. 
For once I was looking forward to a six hour uninterrupted red-eye flight. Peace, quiet and no emails at last. 
New York City. Not my city. 

Apple and Blackberry

Back in the days when life was simple, blackberry and apple was usually something one ate with crumble, or custard, or both. 

These days things are very different.

I’ve owned Apples for a long time. I have had several iPhones, an iPad, iPod, iMac, laptop, and desktop and consider myself reasonably tech-savvy. 

On Friday however, I was given a company Blackberry and suddenly I have a very small keyboard with little tiny keys, a whole new operating system and lots and lots of emails.

As I’m off to the Big Apple in the morning, the timing is perfect. I’ll be taking my Blackberry, my Apple, no crumble or custard and heading back to the US for a few days for lots and lots of meetings.

And hopefully some shopping…