Get your welllies on!

Sunday morning and with snow falling determinedly, I decided to trot down to Camden to buy a pair of wellies.

I’ve been wearing my trusty Prada wellies which aren’t wellies at all.They’ve been fabulous for the past seven years, from LA to Europe and many miles beyond. However with snow falling and icy conditions, they’re quite difficult to walk in as they don’t have any grip.

So I slid carefully down to Camden, tried on a pair of wellies, bought them and then, with wellies on, I tromped off along Regents Canal in the snow. 

It was quiet, white and magical. 

I turned up Gloucester Avenue, walked past The Engineer pub filled with happy families having Sunday lunch before tromping over to Primrose HIll.

Gloucester Ave

I’ve loved Primrose Hill through all the seasons and snow is no exception. Squeals of delight, laughter and a few tears as families, teenagers, old and young slid and sledged down the hill as the snow turned from white to brown.

Primrose Hill
Snow settling

It’s a lovely Sunday afternoon, the only thing missing is Letad.

And Pins

In pain and desperation I rang an acupuncturist and osteopath in Primrose Hill and by luck, there was a cancellation and they could squeeze me in, or squeeze some money out of me. Desperate times so off I went.

The pain had been fairly excruciating but being English, I said I was in discomfort. My right arm was practically useless and no, I’m not exaggerating. By the time I arrived for my appointment, I was supporting it in my left hand and all aspects of stoicism were rapidly departing. 

I’d been working on a deadline and while the deadline was met, my body it seemed had paid the price. It didn’t bode well for my reentry into the fast paced life of design.

After several painful needles and some worrying neck and back cracking, the Antipodean osteopath (which is pretty much the same as a chiropractor) determined I had a pinched nerve in my neck and said during the next 48 hours it would either improve or not. Very reassuring.

After an extremely painful night of misery (all aspects of stoicism having gone completely), it seemed slightly better. 

The countdown is on until tomorrow as the initiation begins at 10am…

A lovely London birthday

Arriving into Heathrow on my birthday, we were exhausted but quickly revived by the dismal shower in my Chalk Farm flat. It’s a pathetic dribble but luckily hot and so dressed for Autumn (my favourite season). we headed to Regent’s Park Road for a lovely birthday dinner at a little Italian bistro, Negozio Classica.

It was dark and had started to rain quite heavily by the time we arrived but as luck would have it, we were able to get the last table. It could have all gone horribly wrong but as we enjoyed the warmth and ambiance surrounded by animated voices, it was the perfect setting for my birthday (

A couple of glasses of wine, comfort food, a lovely necklace and possibly the best handmade card I’ve ever seen and this year’s birthday was celebrated perfectly.

We strolled home in the slightly chilly London air, tired and ready for sleep.

I wonder where we’ll be celebrating next year…