Outdoor Sofas

I now have two outdoor sofas sitting forlornly on the balcony. 

I imagine they’re in shock as it snowed last night and my poor teak sofas are used to California where they sat for the past six years on my deck in Venice.

I couldn’t bear to leave them. So many conversations have taken place on those sofas, laughter and tears, glasses of champagne, dinners on laps, the extremely bold squirrel who sat on one and shook his tiny fist at me through the French doors, the noisy squawking green parrots who flew overhead. So many memories.

Letad and I bought a tarpaulin and made little jackets for the two sofa frames to protect them from the elements. Not perfect but when it’s dry we’ll oil the wood so they don’t go into shock and crack.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we’re sitting outside on the plump orange cushions enjoying the view of London, creating new memories. This week however it’s back to layers of wool as winter hasn’t let go yet. 

I’m optimistic though, there are daffodils starting to come up in Regent’s Park and buds on the trees. 

Spring is in the air… or it would be if it stopped snowing!

Walking to Work

With snow on the ground and new wellies on my feet, I decided to walk to work.

Through Regents Park where the paths were thick with snow creaking underfoot, it was a very different Regents Park from when I was walking to work in the summer.

A few commuters tromped through the snow but otherwise it was quiet, the air was cold, the morning brisk and the view absolutely breathtaking.

It took me forty five minutes door to door. No germs, no stress, exercise and fresh air. 
I might be doing this more often!

Autumn Days

After spending most of the last six weeks in France, it was time to head back to London. Bills had to be paid and I was curious to see if Mousey Mousey had set up housey housey. Luckily he had not and apart from a few dead flies, all was how I’d left it.

Autumn in Regent’s Park

Arriving home late, tired and cold I was struck by the barren flat waiting for me. After starting to create a cosy nest in France having spent time brocanting (as we now refer to the pastime of antique hunting) the little flat in Chalk Farm felt empty and neglected. And so I decided to finally ship my belongings over from the US.

After nine months with nothing, or rather, a pink sofa, two pans and five Gerry Bendylegs (not a bad thing), I’m ready to make life in London a little more comfortable.

I’ve been waiting and waiting. In limbo for months and with job offers dangling tantalizingly, I decided it was time to take the plunge. I emailed the shipping company to ask them to ship my stuff.

They can’t make any promises but there’s a slight chance I may have furniture before Christmas. 

How nice would that be?!