Pack ‘n Purge Day Two

The packing continued and another glorious hot, sunny California day was spent going through boxes in the garage!

A lot was accomplished as, in additional to going through all the household stuff, I purged boxes of old design work and realized how much I’ve done in the past twenty years. It’s quite overwhelming. Greeting cards, toys, fabric and paper, games, books and more. Work I’ve created which still needs to realise its dream. It was both inspirational and cathartic.

I had lunch at the newly opened Venice location of Cafe Gratitude ( where people were just a little bit too good looking and I’d forgotten the LA scene after six months in London.

In LA teeth are just a little bit bigger and whiter (or a lot), eyes are a little bit bluer, skin a little more perfect and one forgets just how many good looking people there are here. People in London are definitely not in the same league looks-wise, in fact you see some shockers on the tube but somehow it all seems more down to earth after a littleĀ surreptitiousĀ people-watching and eavesdropping.

After being grateful for lunch and a sit-down (“What are you grateful for today?” is Cafe Gratitude’s tagline) we headed back to the garage for the afternoon session with more help from friends (thank you, thank you!)

By 6pm it was time to head off as the energy was flagging and I enjoyed a delicious homemade meal with good friends.

I’ve spent many evenings at their home over many years and as I started to fade at 8pm, I had to remember to drive back to Westchester where I’m staying rather than to my old place just down the road in Venice as my built-in autopilot kicked in. I was exhausted and while I’m now awake at 5:30am, I think I slept for most of the night.

Three more days to go, a garage sale on Saturday and then I’m celebrating!