When lifts go bad

I walked into the foyer after a long day at work and waited for the very small lift.

Stepping inside I pushed the button for the sixth floor. A strange judder, then nothing. Then ten seconds later, a bounce.

Something was very wrong.

I pushed the button again. The lift bounced and then bounced every ten seconds in a most annoying way.

I was stuck. Bugger.
Luckily I’m not claustrophobic and luckily I was alone as the lifts are only big enough for two people preferably not strangers.

I pushed the emergency button and then decided to ring the lift company rather than ring the building porter who is quite hard to get hold of. Luckily someone answered even though it was after hours and a nice man said he’d send someone out.

Bounce, bounce…

Then I noticed the floor level had changed. The bouncing lift was moving slowly up the building. Bounce, bounce…

I prized the inside doors apart to see that I was stuck between floors. I released them and the lift bounced a few more times.

I prized them apart again. I could see out but I couldn’t open the exterior doors.
Bounce, bounce.

In the meantime Letad was very kindly texting me puns about being stuck in a lift from France. How supportive!

Twenty minutes later the lift bounced to the third floor and then for no apparent reason it released and went back down to the ground floor.

The doors opened and I quickly staggered out into the hall.

To the startled man standing waiting I dramatically warned him not to go in there and then I walked up the six flights to the little flat.

It looks like I’ll be taking the stairs from now on…