Not going clubbing

It was 11:30pm on a Saturday night. People were out for the night, drinks in hand. Queues were long outside the various clubs and all around was a party atmosphere. I remembered how nights used to start at 11pm and how these days staying up past 11pm is a wild, crazy night indeed.

I was heading home from dinner in Croydon and had run into some tedious transport problems. As a result I was walking through Camden on a Saturday night. There was a collision between a double decker bus and a car, a traffic jam, police sirens, lots of drunks and me. 

Girls in towering heels, mini skirts and chubby bare legs staggered along the streets while I strode comfortably in a puffer coat, corduroy trousers, woolly hat and gloves and low heeled boots. Surprisingly no one asked me if I wanted a free pass or a two-for-one drink coupon!

I made it home at midnight and collapsed into bed exhausted. 

How things have changed!