Not so sunny Watford

Thursday morning and I strolled into the office for the first time since Monday. I spent a couple of hours wading through emails and then, lucky me, I was off to Watford for the afternoon.

I’m still not entirely sure where Watford is but it didn’t matter as I was picked up and driven there in a very nice chauffeur-driven car only to be deposited at the entrance to a Tesco superstore. From one extreme to another!

We spent the afternoon (the Americans and I) walking through Tesco and ASDA discussing the various merits of UK to US mass market. Gripping stuff!

By 7pm my day was done but in true Groundhog Day-style, I found myself with another senior level US colleague who needed a taxi.

Luckily I had learned from my previous experience and when a taxi proved elusive, I was lucky enough to discover a mini cab office just down the road. With a mini cab sorted, I packed the American into the back, waved goodbye and set off home.

Phew, crisis averted!

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