Staying positive

Despite the obvious challenges of one’s living conditions, there’s a view from the window which reminds me to stay positive.

The bay tree has come back from almost certain death and is a vision of hope in new green leaves.

It took many days of careful tending and the shape isn’t quite what it used to be but it shows what perseverance, plant food and a new pot will do.

One day perhaps I too will get a new pot (or a kitchen and bathroom?!)

No Shower Power

It would seem the 1980s power shower has reached the end of its life and sink washing has now commenced.

This week I have gone back in time and have had to wash my hair in the sink. Luckily the room is a wet room so the sink is also doubling as a bucket enabling a standing bath. Thank goodness it’s still summer.

Hopefully this is an incentive to get going on the bathroom…

Another round of musical rooms

From our temporary bedroom to a guest room and now to a kitchen, the little bedroom has certainly been well used since we took up residence.

This weekend I have moved the kitchen (such as it is and sans sink) into the little bedroom in anticipation of the Berlin Wall finally coming down.

But hold on a second, we still don’t have approval and have been literally forced to pay for another structural engineer being a condition of the approval. We’re almost five grand in the hole (or wall) and we haven’t done anything! Perhaps the ensuite bedroom/kitchen wasn’t such a bad idea.

Anyway, in for a penny, in for five grand as they say.

We’re now due to start on Wednesday having postponed from Monday. I’m cautiously optimistic hence playing musical rooms but it is a long weekend so let’s see…

Breakfast in the Garden

Or should I say, le petit dejeuner dans le jardin (with a little product placement, Bonne Maman white fig jam)

It’s back to France for a couple of days to transition back to life, shower, wash clothes and clean up the house.

Our last Airbnb booking is finished and we decided not to accept any more this summer as it’s a lot of work.

Still, if something comes in for September, we could be tempted.

Next week work (hopefully) begins on the Berlin Wall as we finally start to move forward with the kitchen.

In the meantime, I shall enjoy my last day before heading back to a much colder and wetter London from all reports.