For anyone who has ever watched the viral video where a dog called Fenton runs through Richmond Park chasing deer while his owner runs behind shouting, “Fenton!” like a lunatic, we can relate and empathise.

Walking Agnes through Hyde Park this morning, two large geese came into land over her head and that was it, my last visual was the brown Welsh Terrier backside accelerating into full speed ahead and heading to the large duck pond outside Kensington Palace. oh crikey!

For ten minutes (or was it ten hours?) Agnes ran in circles like a complete maniac as geese, ducks, pigeons, coots and whatever the rest of them are, were scattered far and wide. Thankfully the swans were far enough away.

My theory of never chase a Welsh Terrier was redundant as we tried in vain to head her off, herd her away from the ponds and catch her.

Agnes can run very fast, turn and dodge on a dime and is a wily terrier when she loses her head and so we ran, called, dove, shouted and swore at her as we chased her back and forth under the glare of disapproving tourists. Luckily no one said anything or I would have seriously lost my shit!

Eventually Big T managed to head her off and miraculously got a hand on her collar.

We pinned her down, got the lead on and gave her a big telling off. There was no remorse, it had been one of the best moments of her life and one of our worst!

Dog: 1, humans: 0, birds: -1 (luckily no one died)

Pulling an all nighter

Back in the day pulling an all nighter used to mean staying up all night, working, studying, going out, having a lock in at a pub and generally doing something fun. I was never much of night owl so all nighters weren’t a regular thing and I was usually in bed well before daylight.

Thirty years later and pulling an all nighter means something very different. Eight hours of continuous sleep without interruption is what I now consider the epitome of fun and almost as illusive as the mythical unicorn. Funny how life can change!

I’m pleased to say that with this year’s Dry January, the all nighter has been pulled on a couple of very exciting occasions and I’m hopeful there are more to come, fun times in 2022!

The end of the year

By the end of 2021 I had certainly had enough and needed to sign off for a few weeks.

The Christmas break never seems long enough and never seems reviving and so, now on Day 6 of 2022, I am (along with many others I suspect) reluctant to start work again as I feel like I never really stopped.

Still, we were able to enjoy a very festive family Christmas, a few very nice days in Wales which certainly whet the appetite for more Welsh adventures and a pit stop in Devon. We saw in the new year and have so far (at least as far as we know) dodged the Covid bullet but am sure it’s just a matter of time.

And so with all things January, we’re starting off with a month off the booze, I’m doing 30 days of yoga, am swimming and have restarted one of my many discarded hobbies.

This time I’m restarting sewing as I have everything I need and am not dependent on classes. As it’s only taken a year to fit a pair of trousers, I am progressing at great speed compared to upholstery where my half finished chair still waits almost two years later!

Double trouble

Last night we had a guest to visit, our neighbour Henry, a three year old Welsh Terrier came to spend the evening with us and what a fun time was had by all!

It started with Big T setting the toaster on fire so through clouds of acrid smoke, two sturdy Welsh Terriers tore up and down the hall, their claws struggling to grip (ouch) the parquet floor!

Agnes was the perfect host giving Henry her bed and her favourite/only toy and they spent a very happy few hours playing, then ignoring each other and then playing again.

As it was Bonfire Night (no bonfires sadly) there were fireworks being let off randomly around the streets which Henry found a little disconcerting but all in all, it reinforced my opinion that two dogs are better than one and I’d happily have another Welsh Terrier.

Two for one


Yesterday I went to the office for the first time in a long time.

I did no work except talk to people (the way it used to be) and I went home at 2pm to get some work done.

Today I’m heading out of London to go to a meeting. It’s not a great use of my time but it is the start of working normalish.

So that’s where things are this week.

The M Word

It seems there’s a new word being banded around, the hottest trend (literally) and how lucky am I to be right on the cutting edge of… the menopause!

That’s right. We’ve gone from the unmentionable to flying the flag of the hot flush or flash depending on where you’re from.

Whatever the case, it’s another of those well kept secrets of ageing. No one tells you the horrors until you get there.

As with all things menstrual I’ve had an easy run (too much information?) and I was cautiously optimistic that the M Word would be the same but this hot sweating malarkey makes me feel like I’m being burned at the stake followed by itching skin and then chills in the aftermath. Where’s the fun in that?

I’ve cut back on caffeine, cut back on booze and adjusted my diet, upped my exercise and reviewed everything else. I’m holding back the weight gain… for now, but again, where’s the fun in that?!

In order to cope, phase one has seen me try black cohosh and sage coupled with lightweight bedding, a thinner duvet and everything cotton for absorption which sounds a lot like adult diapers.

My next phase, should things worsen, will be the exploration of HRT.

There are many schools of thought but what’s the point of suffering and sweating like a mad woman? Apparently with life expectancy, we now have more years without the hormones than with so perhaps it’s not a bad idea.

And so on that cheery note, I’m off to mop my glistening brow and ponder the options , secure in the knowledge that for once, I’m bang on trend!

The Isle of Wight

For my birthday (a month ago) we went to the Isle of Wight. It was quite by chance as we’d been trying to get to the Isles of Scilly but as they were completely booked up forever, we settled on the Isle of Wight and I’m so glad we did.

Big T had been as a child but I had never been so a new destination is always a good adventure.

We took the train to Portsmouth and connected with the catamaran direct to the island. Door to door in about two and a half hours made it so easy and we’ll certainly be going back.

We stayed in the very charming town of Seaview which faced Portsmouth and from there we started to discover deserted beaches, secret seafood cafes, beautiful unspoiled villages, personal history and so much more.

Deserted Island
Fishing and sailing

My appetite was whet again for sailing and Agnes indulged in a little paddling as we enjoyed my birthday lunch at The Hut, Colwell Bay.

Fabulous seafood of all descriptions under an open roof in mid September. It couldn’t have been better!

The Hut

We enjoyed an emotional journey to visit the 12th century church at Bonchurch where the ashes of my grandparents were scattered and then we walked around the windy coastal path for lunch at a hidden shack. It was very special.

The Old Church at Bonchurch

Leaving the island, I certainly felt a pull to return and of course, Agnes loved it! I suspect we’ll be back!

Not going home!


Last weekend we went on a day out by train to Deal and what a fabulous day it was!

The view from the cliff top from Dover to Deal was nothing short of Mediterranean as the sun glinted on the waves below and the cliffs gleamed white in the sunshine. Spectacular!

Arriving in Deal we meandered our way down to the High Street where independent interior shops sat next to wine bars, food stores and a Saturday market was in full swing.

We found our way into the conservation area where tiny fisherman’s cottages captured our hearts and imaginations as we (or rather I) have fancied a weekend cottage by the sea for ages.


We spent a lovely day in Deal, we sat on a bench by the sea, we learned about the Goodwin Sands, we walked to Walmer along The Strand, we drank Dandelion and Burdock which was not like the original, we visited two very nice pubs to support the local economy and then we headed back to London on the train.

Deal beach and pier

We were tired but replete from sunshine and fresh air.

Spyglass Cottage

I fell asleep that night dreaming of tiny seaside cottages with carved wooden seagulls in the windows.

Deal Castle

Since September

Things have been very busy, days and weeks are blurring into each other and every deadline met is followed by another three.

This year has challenged me on the work front and I’m still feeling challenged.

Multiple moving parts or spinning plates mean that to take one’s eye off the ball for a second results in about a billion things falling through the cracks or smashing to the floor. We’ll, maybe not quite that bad but that’s how it feels sometimes!

With all this comes a return to the office in a couple of weeks which means I’m now sitting in a Superdrug waiting for a corporate flu jab. At this stage I’m taking anything I can to avoid getting sick when we’re all sitting back in the air con!

Swimming at Paddington

I came back to London and this year, things were different. After two months of summer swimming, I decided to look for a gym with a pool rather than going to the pubic pool at Swiss Cottage.

After a couple of reconnaissance missions to inspect showers, pools, number of swimmers, pubic hairs, distance from home and many other criteria, I decided to join a gym in Paddington.

The added bonus of a 20% corporate discount and the fact that it takes me five minutes by bike to get there, convinced me this was the right place and so far I’ve been three times.

The pool is clean and quiet, there’s a nice steam room and sauna which I suspect will be very appealing in the winter and so far I’m very pleased.

And now back to watching YouTube swimming videos to try to improve!