Testing the water

So it looks like we’ve moved successfully and I’m testing the iPad software.

I have a few formatting issues to sort out but otherwise it’s all here and this morning I found myself reading the early days from 2012. It’s quite addictive and very indulgent!

So much seemed to happen in such a short space of time and it was a lovely trip back to those heady days when everything was so new and exciting.

Tonight I’m heading back to France for a guest-free weekend so perhaps we’ll take inspiration from 2012 and do something other than cleaning!

Changing Hosts

I’ve been challenged this year as my blogging software no longer works on my phone or iPad. Take note Blogger, you need to upgrade your software.

As a result my riveting blog entries have been limited to my laptop or computer which has taken away the spontaneity of posting from the car, plane, train or other form of transport.

I’ve just started the process of transferring my blog to a new host. The content has transferred (hurrah, six years of nonsense safely carried over) the layout is slightly different but can be improved and all I have left is to redirect the domain name.

Hopefully it will be seamless and the pearls of wisdom, weather forecasts and home improvement tips for lunatics will continue and indeed, increase once I’m back up and running on mobile.

Stay tuned folks, we’re heading over to WordPress.

Wearing wool

This week, for the first time in four months, I wore a cardigan. It felt quite strange!

The endless summer which has continued for months, has taken a slightly cooler turn and there may even be a hint of Autumn in the air.

Then again, there are predictions that it ain’t over yet and we may have another few weeks of Indian summer.

I’m all for enjoying it while it lasts as my newfound swimming fad continues but to balance things out, I am starting to look for my Autumnal wardrobe…

Twenty loads of washing

It’s certainly been the summer of washing as I’ve been washing sheets and towels, bathmats and tea towels on an endless cycle!

I flew from New York to Nice to wash all the sheets and towels and reset the house and I’ve done it twice again over this past weekend. I don’t mind the odd load of laundry but when you’re washing ten sets of sheets and fifteen towels, it’s extreme to say the least.

And in order to get it all dry, we now have five clothes horses!

Taking the Plunge Part Two

Having tried out the Kenwood Ladies’ Pond on Sunday, I decided it was time to try out Parliament Hill Lido, another local swimming option.

Opened in 1938, this is a massive (200 x 90 feet/61x27m) unheated outdoor pool with a stainless steel lining. It was slightly too big for me as I’m more of a 25m swimmer.

I’d never been before though and so with my swimsuit, towel and goggles, I cycled over to start my day with a swim before work.

A ¬£4 entry swim seemed very reasonable and while the changing rooms haven’t been updated since 1938 apparently, the pool itself was a very nice experience.

The water temperature was lovely and given the size of the pool, goes to show how hot the summer has been. The water was clean (not a single Band-Aid) and the pool wasn’t crowded at 8:15am.

My swimming fitness certainly needs work but I did swim properly with head down and goggles on rather than old lady breaststroke in sunglasses so I felt quite pleased with myself for actually trying.

I’m taking inspiration from the father of Big T who, at 85 is still swimming at least twice a week. It seems it might be the answer to exercise for longevity.

I definitely preferred¬†Parliament Hill Lido over the Kenwood Ladies’ Pond and will be going back for a second visit. Now, I just need to work on my fitness…