To Milan and back

Tuesday this week and it was off to Milan for a quick trip to meet the Italian team and go shopping or as we call it, Retailing. An excuse for a trip to Milan, the epicentre of fashion.

Arriving into Milan during a torrential thunderstorm, we set off to the office and from the top floor boardroom, had a spectacular view of the Duomo surrounded by heavy, dark clouds.

An insane example of gothic architecture, the fifth largest cathedral in Europe which took six centuries to complete, we were obviously going to have to have a closer look.

The Duomo when the skies cleared

After a three hour presentation (hello, aren’t we here for shopping, I mean, retailing?) it was time to head to the largest department store where we saw the most insanely beautiful clothes for children I’ve ever seen in my life. Monna Lisa where a dress can cost €300. It really makes you wish they made clothes for adults or that you were very, very small.

After seeing my perfect wardrobe (the Chanel collection for five year olds) we headed up to the top floor where an outdoor restaurant overlooked the Duomo.

The view was spectacular and the food, delicious. Despite hearing less than complimentary things about Milan, I was really quite impressed especially as the sun went down behind the gothic spires.

After dinner it was back to the Grand Hotel. Apparently the youth hostel was full and I was allowed to stay in a good hotel for once. It was lovely, my only regret was that I was only spending one night there.

The next morning I was up bright and early. A buffet breakfast combined with a meeting, two cups of coffee and then off to the office. Time to hit the streets of Milan.

More is more when it comes to spires

First stop however, the Duomo. It was a gorgeous day and we were allowed to be tourists for a few minutes. Climbing to the roof, the view of the Alpes was spectacular, the cornflower blue sky, the perfect backdrop.

Up the Duomo…
The Alpes beyond

After the Duomo it was time to get retailing and so off we walked. From baby to kids, tweens, teens and adult, we saw every kind of licensed product, most of them covered in sequins. I took five hundred photos and now have the dubious pleasure of putting together a recap of the trip. Lucky me!

By the end of the day we were flagging, time to get a flight back to London where I had cars waiting to whisk us home. Home by 10pm, it had been another busy trip.

I must go back to Milan and see it properly one day!

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