Back from the Plague

After what I’m convinced was the Black Death, I’m back. 

It was two weeks of sheer misery and really knocked the wind out of my sails. By the end of this week though, I felt like I would live, I stopped hating Letad’s nightly coughing and the prospect of another trip to New York didn’t make me want to kill myself anymore.

The plague was over, it was time to get back to the money pit.

We have recently discovered the flat sits in two postcodes. The front two rooms are in Maida Vale which is W9 and quite smart while the back bedroom and kitchen are in Kilburn which is NW6 and a little bit rough. The bathroom appears to be in no man’s land. I shall be spending the majority of my time in the Maida Vale rooms unless I want a cup of tea in which case I shall have to cross the border.

Anyway, back to the Pit where we now have two walls, running hot and cold water (albeit without taps), a radiator and a brand new shiny boiler mounted on the wall of the imaginary kitchen. We have an insulated wood floor down in the back bedroom (or possible dining room) and a concrete floor in the future bathroom.

To the untrained eye it still looks fairly shit but to those who have spent the last two months covered in dust, it is starting to take shape.

As things move forward, we have actually bought bathroom floor tiles. A lovely grey and white pattern with a grey wall tile. With new white and chrome bathroom fittings and fixtures which are all sitting in boxes waiting for installation, this will hopefully look fantastic.

Bathroom floor tiles – grey and white 
The new bathroom – now with floor and walls

Bathroom doorway (with invisible door)
Exterior bathroom – perfect for a nice hall table 
The Kilburn bedroom – now with radiator and floor!
Plastering the Kilburn bedroom begins tomorrow
New doorway into the imaginary kitchen
Brand new boiler – working!
View from the kitchen – new walls
View down the hall – new walls
Insulating under the floor – Maida Vale living room

The reality though is that we move out of Chalk Farm in three short weeks and we have nowhere to move to. All belongings will have to go to storage (still to be organized) and we will hopefully be welcome to stay at the home of the Dad of Letad.

In the meantime, we’re having a big push to try and get three rooms plastered in the next three weeks and then we’ll be camping at the money pit at the weekends.

More to come…

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