Kandy Muslim Restaurant

Everyone traveling in Sri Lanka is on the Lonely Planet guide book and we’re no different unfortunately. 

While it means that most people are following the same trail, it also means that there are some good recommendations and the Kandy Muslim Restaurant was one such gem. 
We sat downstairs where the atmosphere   consisted of the shouting of orders and banging and clanging of pots. It was loud. 
The food was great as we tried the kottu, the dish the restaurant was famous for. I had the vegetarian option while Big T went for chicken, the rest of the dish involve chopped up roti or paratha bread. It was good but hard to describe!
Service was fast and furious (unlike most other places we’ve experienced in Sri Lanka) and before long we were back on the outside. 
We strolled up past The Bake House (another Lonely Planet recommendation) where we bought a couple of small cakes to try and headed back to our hotel for a nice cup of tea. 
Tea has certainly been a highlight and it will be hard to go back to cheap tea bags and hard London water. 
Kandy had been a fantastic experience and as it turned out, definitely worth spending an extra night. 
And next stop, the tea plantation. 

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