Getting ready for the slopes

It’s been decades since I went skiing. If I’m honest I’ve only been a couple of times so can’t really consider myself anything other than a beginner.

As Big T has managed to book us in to the super fancy Gstaad Palace Hotel in Switzerland for three nights to celebrate his birthday, it seems it’s time to dust off the skiis (if I owned any) and get back on the slopes.

The problem with skiing is that it’s one of those equipment-heavy, elitist sports and it’s very expensive. As it involves being in snow, it’s important to have good clothing and so off I went in search of ski gear which was warm enough, reasonably-priced and wouldn’t date so that in twenty years time when I go again, my jacket and trousers would still be fashionably retro.

It turned out that reasonably-priced ski gear is an oxymoron. A sale price means a jacket is slightly less than the GDP of a small country but not by much.

I decided it was an investment and we would be skiing every winter from now on regardless of skill level. 

And so with a new jacket (with lots of zips), trousers, gloves, socks and a thermal base layer, I should be warm. With limited skill I can’t guarantee I’ll look proficient but at least I won’t be cold.

Hopefully it’s like riding a bike…

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