Another IKEA adventure

Of course it wasn’t going to be as straightforward as placing the order and taking delivery of a complete IKEA kitchen…

Arriving in France, our builder announced that he was missing legs for a couple of the units as well as three drawers and a sliding unit. Work had come to a halt and so we decided to go on another IKEA adventure which meant driving to Toulon, about an hour or so away.

And so off we went!

We took our order information and our delivery receipt and tried to explain that we hadn’t received certain items despite having paid for them. Luckily we had someone who spoke good English and the whole thing went quite well.

We were given a credit to pay for the replacement items and we decided that, as we were there, we’d have a look around IKEA to see if there was anything else we needed.

Before long we had a three lamps, a couple of essential flower vases and a cheese grater. We resisted buying too much as we’ll probably need to go back over Christmas to furnish the downstairs rooms so we loaded up the car and drove home.

As we unloaded everything we decided to move a wardrobe which had been left behind and there, lurking behind the new fridge and old wardrobe, were the three drawers and the sliding unit… we had replaced products we already had!

Luckily we had the new legs we needed so it wasn’t a wasted journey and work started again in earnest. 

Now with legs

We’re looking forward to seeing the final tiny kitchen when we’re back in December.


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