Suede Shaming

Each year as we approach the end of November, we, in the corporate world, wait to find out if we are getting a bonus.

The bonus is linked to performance both of the company and individually. It goes without saying that it’s a very nice thing to have and not to be taken for granted.

This year the bonus was confirmed, hurrah! The company performed well in the fourth quarter and I was informed that my bonus would be in my bank account on November 30th. And so I went shopping!

I always think a bonus should be used to buy something completely impractical, something one would never buy and a treat, so with that in mind, I bought a pair of dusty pink suede Gucci shoes, probably the most impractical colour possible for winter in London. These chaps are definitely indoor shoes.

Not going out!

Having done the deed, I then had to confess to Big T as I knew I would be suede shamed!

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