Up the garden path

I had decided to take a week off work, to do a week of work! With a list of projects to get the house ready for Airbnb guests, it was a week of cleaning, gardening, pool maintenance and more.

One of my unfinished projects was to continue the side garden which we started last September.

The side garden (formerly referred to as Mosquito Coast) has been an ongoing project since we went to Hampton Court Palace last summer. From a shady patch of dead grass with a giant hedge and thousands of mosquitoes, we’re starting to make some progress.

As the South of France has been sweltering with a heatwave, I got up at 6am to finish the path. Big T has been planting a lovely Provençal garden and while I’m still sure there’s room for a pentanque court, it would be very narrow!

Fifty shades of green…0DF5BA8C-1F2F-4426-856E-32F85D36F5B2

The view from above complete with art installation (top right) or rotten supports from the rebuilt carport.8AF66D92-3F8B-4713-8E55-7BDDD3B1788A


How lucky to find a copper circle lurking in the goat room, the perfect fit for the “eternal flame.”A10CC49D-FD53-4548-AC75-69C4885E400E

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