The Desert Garden

Last year I started growing my succulent garden in the driest, least fertile part of the garden. There was no other option than to plant succulents, nothing else would survive!

I started by buying twenty tiny succulents for €20 and each time I went to the garden centre, I would buy twenty more. Gradually a carpet of tiny succulents started to fill in the dust and then I left it to nature and its own devices for the winter.

Coming back in July I saw my desert garden for the first time in nine months and was surprised to see that nature was winning. The succulents had thrived, grown and even procreated, free plants!

I did a little reconfiguring, moved some, planted some and bought a few new ones and I’m very pleased with the result so far. With the winter departure not far off, the succulents will again be left to see what happens and I’m hoping that they’ll stay happy.

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