Two weeks in France

Big T departed to France at the end of March clutching a negative PCR test in hand. France had opened their borders to allow travel for work and to reunite with family so with deadlines looming, off he went for two weeks of work, family and house stuff.

Having a house in a country we can no longer visit easily is a little challenging and while we’re hopeful we’ll be able to get to France at some point in the summer, nothing’s definite so Big T has been able to check the house and work in the garden to make sure everything’s ok till we can get there.

In order to get back into the UK, another three negative PCR tests are needed. One to leave France and two more to get into the UK and release from quarantine. At £120 (ish) a test, there are no more bargain flights, no spontaneity and no easy weekend trips. I thoughts about popping over for Easter and instantly realised that the halcyon days of Fridays to Mondays in France are long gone.

He’s due back on Friday unless France gets put on the red list requiring travellers to stay in a quarantine hotel for ten days at an exorbitant cost so hopefully that won’t happen in the next couple of days.

How different life is from two years ago when I could fly to France and back each weekend and this new vocabulary, complete with face masks didn’t exist. A very different life.

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