Sure enough, after a week in France it seemed like a good idea to bash down the ceiling in the upstairs bathroom. That didn’t take long.

We had thought it would be a great idea to remove the low ceiling and extend the bathroom up into the eaves having cut a small hole to have a look.

Bathroom with ceiling

After a lot of noise, coughing and swearing (I was keeping well out of it) it seemed things had progressed creating a huge amount of dust and rubble where previously there had been none. I wasn’t in a frame of mind to photograph the rubble.

This then required an impromptu heavy duty cleaning session with rubble sacks, dust masks, shovelling, sweeping and finally mopping the entire house. Not such a relaxing Saturday after all!

Bathroom without ceiling

Was it a good idea?

Probably not as we now have a fairly unusable bathroom which needs insulating, plastering and refitting and a very dodgy looking roof complete with rotten beams, mouse droppings and chinks of daylight, all of which had previously been hidden.

This has now become priority number one for the summer as we have to remodel the bathroom and I hate to say it, replace the bathroom roof. At least it’s separate from the main roof.

It will be a huge improvement I’m sure but there’s a lot to be done before we have the after pics.

Dodgy roof with our old nemesis,
lathe and plaster

Fun times ahead in France!

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