Rooftops at Sunset

What better way to see Rome than at sunset from a rooftop bar and so that’s exactly what we did.

My old schoolfriend’s cousin has lived in Rome for almost thirty years and so with her Italian husband, we were lucky enough to snag a table on a tiny terrace for an aperitif while the sun set, surrounded by the domes and spires of the city as multitudes of bells sounded the hour. If only I liked Aperol Spritz, the moment would have been complete but I’ve always found it a bit bitter and watery.

Hanging with the Romans

Ah well, I forced down a French 75 (when in Rome and all that) and enjoyed some hilarious storytelling from the cousin about a train journey from Siberia to Beijing one January as she travelled to Australia very slowly, hard to explain but there’s definitely a book to come (she’s a writer) and I dare say, a film.

The evening continued with dinner at one of their favourite restaurants. It was a charming evening in Rome. Great company mixed with good and bad food (as I seem to find in Italy) with lots of laughs all round.

Sunset over Rome

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