Last day in Kyoto

I was tired but this time I got the day right and so after an hour long conference call at 6:30am, I had breakfast, packed my bags (oops, too much stuff) and set off to the To-ji temple. 
It was the monthly flea market and so how could I resist? Plus I had a bus pass for a day so felt obliged to try out the Kyoto bus system. 
arrived to discover an enormous market underway. Clothes, food, ceramics, bits and pieces. Something for everyone!

Praying for a bargain. 

I’m pleased to say I resisted the large wooden boxes and didn’t find anything big. I did find something incredibly small and fragile and so will be amazed if it survives the next twenty four hours. Photo to come if it does. 
From there I hopped back on the bus and set off to the Golden Temple, the most popular temple in Kyoto. 

It was heaving with tourists and quite a challenge to take a photo without someone in it. 

I was in zero tourist tolerance and so legged it as soon as I could get past the shufflers. 

And so then, time to head back to Tokyo  by fabulous Shinkansen for my last night. 

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