The Day When Everything Happened

It was Saturday. It was 32 degrees (at least). It was Gay Pride in London. It was Wimbledon and above all, it was the World Cup Quarter Finals and England was playing Sweden. It goes without saying that the entire country went berserk.

We set off around midday in order to go berserk.

The plan was to watch the football over at Big T’s sister’s house with the rest of the clan. It was an epic game with the final score of 2-0 to England creating absolute havoc.

From there on it’s all a bit of a blur.

We played a table tennis tournament which resulted in a good bit of shouting. There was dancing including a video of people dancing to YMCA (for once, not me), there are some dubious photos and in the end there was a taxi ride home of which there is very little recollection. What happened to five hours?

And so with this surreal summer continuing on where each day dawns brighter and hotter than the last, the next step for England is Croatia on Wednesday in the Semi finals.

Can it keep getting better?

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