Geysers, Waterfalls, Black Sand and Glaciers

There were four main themes in Iceland, all involving natural at its best.

Following the ultimate spa experience we spent a night at Geysir and saw exploding geysers, boiling pools of water and filled our nostrils with the smell of sulphur. 1E3F8D7C-5D00-4382-9C6C-4EBA1BDE22E2img_1228Waterfalls were aplenty with the giant Gullfoss (foss being fall, we think), Skogafoss and more. We walked behind one, hiked to the top of one and stood inside one. It really was the land of waterfalls and with waterfalls came rainbows like we’d never seen before.IMG_1230.JPEGimg_1282img_1341img_1254img_1268img_1182


IMG_1276.JPEGIncredible black sand beaches at Vik were a highlight as it was like stepping into a world of monochrome. White foam smashed into the black sand and with grey skies rolling overhead, it was a powerful setting.img_1302IMG_1306.JPEGIMG_1287.JPEGIMG_1295.JPEGTravelling east we entered the land of glaciers where we had intended to get a boat tour around Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon. It was the worst weather of our trip as we battled torrential rain and wind on the road to the lagoon and then the boats were cancelled. An hour later things had cleared up but we’d headed to another lagoon, Fjallsarlon which we had to ourselves and saw the stunning scenery without tourists, boats or a price tag so the weather helped us out.img_1328IMG_1330.JPEGOne of our favourite places was a hike to a lovely canyon in Skaftafell National Park. Called Fjadrargljufur (yes we couldn’t pronounce it either) it was a stunning view of moss covered rocks, wind and water.IMG_1350.JPEGimg_1351Our final day in Iceland saw us hiking to a hidden hot spring 3.5 kilometres up a mountain. It started hailing and we almost stopped but with perseverance we kept going and after an hour or so reached the bathing area where a few other persistent folks were dipping into the warm, sulphurous water.IMG_1367.JPEGIMG_1376.JPEGWe stripped and dipped (with swimsuits of course) before drying in the icy wind and trekking back down the hill. We saw shepherds on horse back rounding up sheep on the fells and upon returning to the car park, saw the sheep in pens ready for auction.IMG_1368.JPEGIMG_2223.JPEGAnd to top it all off, a full rainbow.

Just another Sunday in Iceland!


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