Shut down

We have officially been shut down as of today and the entire company worldwide is working remotely. It’s not ideal and is probably overly cautious but until further notice, that’s it and I’ve decamped to the kitchen. Luckily we have a kitchen!

This week has been spent ensuring that we have laptops, server access, software and video conferencing set up so we can continue to work. Of course this may all change and deadlines may be less important than they were before but for now, it’s business as usual, working from home.

With stockpiling madness taking over in London and around the world, we’re heading off to the shops this afternoon to buy some tinned tomatoes to start our weekend cooking fiesta. We haven’t stockpiled much but are thinking it might be an idea to get some food in the freezer.

In the meantime, I’ve ordered some dog food so at least we’ll have a nice fat dog to fall back on if times get really tough…

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