A Tomb with a View

Wednesday saw us taking a day off from winter preparations and going on an excursion to Menton.

Sandwiched between Monaco and Italy, Menton is known for its micro-climate which is unbearably hot in the summer but the ideal place for winter sun. As a result we saw a lot of very wrinkly old brown people.

We had an itinerary for the day starting with finding Aubrey Beardsley’s grave, followed by the Menton market and finally the botanical gardens. A nice day out!

We found Aubrey Beardsley’s grace quite easily. Perched high above the glistening Mediterranean, it certainly was a tomb with a view as the town of Menton stacked below in hues of rust, ochre and sienna, the azure blue sea beyond.

Only twenty five, imagine what he could have accomplished had he lived longer but then again, look at what he did accomplish!

A lovely final resting spot, so tranquil and scented with coastal pines.

We donned our face masks and headed down the hill to the market.

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