Meanwhile in France…

Here’s a look at the kitchen. It turned out the kitchen ceiling needed to be removed and was a major fire risk so that worked out well and we now have more height.

The new/old floor arrived in buckets.

1200 tiles need old grout removing from the edges in order to salvage them. What a labour of love. I managed to do thirty before my hands packed up. Big T had managed six hundred when I left on Monday. Only five hundred and seventy to go!

Our next challenge is the worktop. The original kitchen was tiled which is not good for a worktop. Worktops in France seem to start at €5000 which is extortionate for a small, country kitchen so we’re thinking of concrete or wood. I’m concerned that wood will be cut, burned or stained by tenants so let’s see if concrete is a cheaper, more durable option.


If I make it back on Saturday (easyJet from Gatwick, it doesn’t bode well) I’m looking forward to seeing progress.

The Summer of Chaos continues!

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