Terriers at large

Sunday morning and Agnes and I went to meet a girl with a dog, a Welsh Terrier that is!

We’d met during a visit to the Heath when we stumbled into a Welsh Terrier meet up and were suddenly surrounded by black and tan carbon copies of Agnes. 

It was a lovely day on the Heath, a family of swans with five cygnets paddled around on one of the ponds; there was a Whippet meet up with about fifty whippets all wearing flat caps and there were two Welsh Terriers, one decidedly better behaved than the other and suffice to say, the well-behaved one wasn’t ours!

Edward was a nice sedate terrier who trotted along calmly taking in his surroundings whilst Agnes was a nutcase running around like a maniac who couldn’t be caught. Chaos reigned!

Eventually I caught Agnes before she disappeared over the horizon and she was on the lead for the rest of the walk. 

We had a lot in common apart of the training of our dogs and so hopefully there’ll be more Welsh Terrier get-togethers in the future!


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